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Petra® Industries Welcomes Televes® Premium TV Antennas and Distribution Amplifiers

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  • April 8 2024
  • Petra Industries

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, is pleased to announce the introduction of Televes long-range TV antennas and antenna distribution amplifiers to their assortment. 

Consumers are increasingly moving away from expensive subscription services, watching free network broadcasts on local TV stations, and adding selective digital streaming options. As a result, TV antennas have made a big comeback. They pick up uncompressed Full HD programming straight from the local network-affiliate broadcasters. They also receive all the programs shown on local sub-channels. And when local stations can offer NextGen TV ATSC 3.0 features such as 4K and HDR, over-the-air broadcast TV will become an even more enticing option for viewers—while still remaining free.  

“Televes is a cutting-edge telecommunications innovator and manufacturer that’s been involved in broadcasting for well over 60 years,” said Tate Morgan, President, Petra Industries. “Antennas continue to be a hot-selling category. Televes line of long-range outdoor TV antennas, distribution amps, and mast preamps is therefore a welcome expansion of our product mix. For resellers who have customers that need long-range or fringe antennas with a 50- to 100-mile range, Televes offers high-quality, reliable solutions and are a great value.” 

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