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Petra® Industries Welcomes King Boxes and Its Lineup of 12V Speaker Enclosures

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  • March 8 2024
  • Petra Industries

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, is excited to announce the addition of King Boxes to its 12-volt family of products.

King Boxes launched in 2019, filling a need for speaker enclosures at a time when supply chain issues were hitting the 12-volt industry hard. Initially developed as a house brand for Audio King, a Gadsden, AL retailer and now spun off as its own entity, King Boxes understands the need to not only produce top-quality product but to also ship orders out quickly. Their portfolio includes a variety of enclosures, from black carpeted boxes, to bed-liner sprayed boxes, alongside offerings that fill gaps left by other manufacturers, including both universal and vehicle-specific boxes.

“We chose King Boxes for their high-quality speaker and subwoofer enclosures and their ready availability,” said Tate Morgan, President, Petra Industries. “Not only does the brand enable us to offer a larger assortment to customers, but also their inventory supply is consistent and their prices competitive. Anyone in the 12-volt space looking for quality speaker enclosures certainly needs to spec our assortment of King Boxes.”

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