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Petra® Industries Expands Automotive Offerings with RYTASH® Tie Down

Press Releases
  • February 29 2024
  • Petra Industries

EDMOND, Okla. — Petra Industries, the consumer technology authority and wholesale electronics distributor, is excited to announce the addition of RYTASH Tie Down Straps to its lineup of automotive aftermarket products.

RYTASH, located in Southwest Missouri, takes pride in providing end users with the HAPPY HAULING® experience they deserve. Their products reflect their commitment to using the finest quality of materials available. Axle straps are made from woven, commercial-grade webbing. A strong, thick, and soft protective sleeve prevents damage to both the axle and the strap’s webbing. And all straps go through rigorous testing. This ensures long-term safety, long life, and immense customer satisfaction along with peace of mind.

“When it comes to vehicle hauling products, RYTASH has set an extremely high bar,” said Tate Morgan, President, Petra Industries. “We had nothing like their products in our inventory, so we wanted to make them available to our retailers and installers. The company’s axle straps are very rugged.”

Petra’s lineup of RYTASH products are now available at, enhancing Petra’s extensive catalog of automotive products.