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Stocking Dorm and New Homeowner Necessities | Petra Industries

Industry Trends
  • July 20 2023
  • Brittany Alfred
Stocking Dorm and New Homeowner Necessities

Feeling at Home in a New Space

The time is almost here: the start of the new school year. And that means those students who graduated high school in May are making plans to go off to college and start a new chapter of their lives. But are they as prepared as they could be? Another big new chapter is setting up your own place, be it an apartment or a new house. These times can be overwhelming with everything your customers need to think of. That’s why we want to provide insight on the dorm or home necessities students or homeowners will most likely need in their new space to make it livable.


The biggest expense for a new space is the electronics. From TVs and game consoles to entertain to computers and tablets for homework and research, getting the electronics to match your customers’ needs is essential.

Depending on how big your customer’s space is, they have a variety of TVs they can utilize. From a 14 in. portable TV from Supersonic all the way to a 50 in. Smart TV from JVC, with many in between, there’s something for everyone. Dorm room dwellers will want to keep in mind they will likely be sharing a small space with a roommate. They should coordinate with their roommate to make sure the TV is not too big and dominates the room.

TVs aren’t the only electronic to worry about. Computers, especially laptops, are essential on any college campus. They allow students to get work done and laptops offer portability when students are on the go. There are a variety of accessories that work with both desktops and laptops. To save data, flash drives and SD Cards are key. Lexar has SDXC cards, small memory cards, that allow greater storage than original SD cards. Their capacities vary from 64 GB to 512 GB. They also have a microSDXC cards with  1 TB storage.

PhotoFast and Verbatim also carry microSDXC cards to choose from. To keep all your customers memory cards in order, Stealth Cam has a storage case, so there’s no need to wonder where the memory card holding your final essay went. Flash drives are another good way to keep data in one place for transport. From 8 GB to 256 GB and coming in singles or multi packs, there’s enough to keep all your essays with you as you go about your school year.


Something that many people don’t think about when they get into a new place of their own are tools. Tools are easily forgotten until you need them and its inconvinent to go out and buy them. So make sure this is part of your dorm and home necessities. Start with a few basics and then you can invest in more later on. Even in a dorm, things like a hammer or basic tool kit could be useful and won’t take up much space.

The first thing you want to get is a hammer. It’s basic, but it can come in handy for hanging things on your walls as you get settled in and for more intense home improvement as needed. STANLEY has both 7 oz. and 16 oz. head weight hammers. The next thing to add to your tool kit is a screwdriver. Many, like STANLEY’s 6-Way Quick-Change Interchangeable Screwdriver or their 20-Piece Multibit Ratcheting Screwdriver Set, come with multiple heads that you can switch out to save you space. If you’re not interested in a manual screwdriver, a Cordless Screwdriver like the one from Genesis could be what you need.

Another key piece of a toolset is pliers. Getting a set of pliers can save you money since there are many different jaws available for different needs. A tape measure, like one from STANLEY can help you better understand how big your space is. And while a flashlight is a good thing to have with you, a worklight can provide more light and it can be hung or set up so your hands are free to do work. PRIME’s Folding Worklight has 600 lumens while DieHard’s Recharging Worklight has 450 lumens.


Whether you’re bringing leftovers from the university cafeteria or stocking your kitchen for the long haul, there are a few kitchen appliances that you’ll need to get for dorm and home necessities, primarily a fridge and a microwave. Without those key pieces, feeding yourself can be more difficult.

For dorms, where space is limited, a mini fridge is ideal. It can store leftovers or a few energy drinks without overcrowding the area like a full-sized version would. RCA’s 4.5 Cu. Ft. Mini Fridge has a reversible door, meaning you can place it without worrying about what way the door will open. If you want a more retro look, Frigidaire has a 0.35 Cu. Ft. Mini Retro Fridge and if you want a bit more personality to your fridge there are pink, blue, red, yellow, and purple versions.

To heat up the leftovers you’re putting in your fridge, you’ll need a microwave. You can get a basic white or black microwave or you can try to match your fridge with a colorful variant. Just like fridges, there are retro versions of microwaves, if that’s more your style. Be considerate of the size and make sure yours isn’t too big for the room it will be in. And like TVs, if you will have a roommate, be sure to coordinate if possible so that there’s not two microwaves and two mini fridges. A good accessory for your microwave would be a food cover so that you cut down how often you have to clean the inside of the appliance.

First Aid

The last thing that many people think about when moving into a new place is first aid, though it is an important part of dorm and home necessities. It could be the difference between an inconvenience and a trip to the hospital. Get a good first aid kit, know where it is, and how to use it when needed.

A basic First Aid Kit has a plastic case to fit everything inside, including bandages, gauze dressing pads, cleansing wipes and antibiotic ointment, medicine like aspirin, and possibly gloves and a guide. More advanced kits might also include survival gear such as a fire starter, whistle, and compass that you should take with you if you go camping or hiking. Most of the more advanced kits should be waterproof as well.


Moving out on your own, whether for school or because you’ve outgrown your parent’s house, is a big milestone. Make sure you have the dorm and home necessities your new abode requires. With the basics out of the way, you’ll be freed up to enjoy this new part of life.