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Remote Work Tools and Accessories | Petra Industries

Industry Trends
  • March 1 2023
  • Brittany Alfred
Remote Work Tools and Accessories

What’s Needed to Work from Home or Anywhere Life Takes You

More and more, remote work is easier to get into than ever before. People are working remotely for the flexibility and personal freedom. But for those who are new to working remotely or interested in starting soon, what do they need to work away from an office? What are the accessories that will make work a little easier?

Location, Location, Location

The first step when your customers begin a remote work journey should be to decide if they will stay in a dedicated office in their house or if they’ll be traveling. This could be as simple as going to a nearby coffee shop or traveling across the world. They could also be splitting their time between a home office and traveling. Making this decision will help them know what work accessories they need.

Home Away from Home

If your customers are wanting to get away from the house because of distracting children or they’ve got the travel bug, it’s important to bring everything with them that they’ll need to make any place a workable office.

The most important thing is a mobile hotspot. If they don’t have access to Wi-Fi® and the internet, they can’t connect to coworkers or submit any work they do. Mobile hotspots are small enough to carry around wherever they go and are usually rechargeable. With a usage time of up to 7 hours, users can get a day of work done with minimal recharging.

Something else they’ll need to consider, while working remotely, is what accessories they need to do their best work. Almost everyone has a laptop or tablet these days, but are they comfortable working with their device’s keyboard, mouse, or screen for a long time? If not, they might want to think about upgrading and making their working life as comfortable as possible.

Home Office Tools

If they’re not a fan of their laptop’s trackpad, a portable mouse might be just what they need. Verbatim has several mice that are suitable for travel. Their Optical Mini Travel Mouse is small enough to transport easily and the retractable USB cable means there’s no tangled cords. If that’s not quite right, their Bluetooth® Wireless Tablet Multi-Trac Blue LED Mouse might work instead. Thanks to the Blue LED-Technology, it can navigate almost anywhere user’s need it. Do they have a presentation? Mobile Pixels 2.6 In. Portable Mouse has a built-in laser. Customers can kill two birds with one stone.

While they’re at it, customers can upgrade their keyboard as well. Mobile Pixels Wireless Folding Keyboard is ideal for travel and it’s rechargeable. Even better, the quiet keys mean users won’t bother anyone around them as they work.

Even the best laptop has a limited screen size. That’s not a bad thing usually, but when working, customers may want a bigger screen. It allows them to see more of what they’re doing at once, without having to switch between tabs endlessly. Mobile Pixels comes in handy again with screen expanders. Their screens attach to a customer’s laptop with removable magnets. Whether they want one extra screen, two, or need the extra screen sitting next to their laptop rather than attached, there’s something to help make work easier.

While it’s important to know what extra tools and accessories are needed to take customers’ work with them, it’s also important to be able to transport everything along the way. Laptop bags and sleeves help keep all their devices in one place and secure. They’ll never have to worry about traveling with technology again.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Some remote workers prefer to stay in the comfort of their own home and work in their pajamas. Even so, it’s important for them to create an office they can work in and not be distracted by other things.

First things first, they need to find a desk that works for them. Atlantic’s Adjustable Sit/Stand Desk is ideal for those who need more mobility instead of sitting at a desk in the same position for hours. For those who game as well as work, the Gaming Desk might be ideal. It comes with spaces for games, headphones, and controllers. Deflecto’s Desk-Shelf Organizer gives more room to keep their monitor and accessories nice and neat. It pairs well with Fellowes Platinum Series Dual-Monitor Arm if they have two monitors.

Once they have a desk that suits them and their monitors are set up, it’s time to add to the space. Keyboards, mice, mouse pads, and headphones are all considerations. Since they’re not traveling, they can pick from both wireless and wired options, expanding the selection.

Miscellaneous Tools

Remote work usually results in several online meetings via Zoom, Google Meet, or a similar video calling or conferencing technology. Customers will need some way to join in. Whether they’re working at home or away, they’ll want a webcam. Webcams usually sit on top of a computer monitor or laptop. They come in everything from 4K, 1080P, and more. Some, like HyperGear’s HyperStream 1080P Webcam, can fold up when not in use to save space. Others, like Monster’s 4K Insight Focus Premium UHD Webcam can switch between a traditional clip and tripod for more versatility. Most webcams plug directly into their computer for instant video streaming.

In addition to a separate webcam, they may want to invest in a microphone. Microphones that come pre-built in laptops and computer monitors aren’t usually the greatest quality, which is detrimental to an efficient work experience. Microphone kits allow users to have professional-quality audio and come in a range of prices. The Pyle Universal USB Computer Microphone is easy to use and can be used for podcasting, streaming, and gaming in addition to video conferencing.

When they’re not on video calls, customers can take the time to listen to music in the background. To do so, computer speakers come in handy. They improve upon a computer’s existing speakers, delivering quality sound. Depending on personal preferences, they can be small enough to live on a desk or big enough to stand next to it. The Digital Innovations AcoustiX™ Speaker System dual speakers can either stand separately or lay next to each other to form a soundbar, whichever is preferred.


Remote work can be a good way to find freedom and travel as desired, but it requires some planning and extra tools to be efficient. From keyboards to laptop sleeves and more, there are a lot of things to consider when making the switch from office work to remote work. Petra has all the tools to help make it a little easier.

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