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Pain Relief and Healthy Aging with Omron

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  • August 15 2023
  • Brittany Alfred
Pain Relief and Healthy Aging with Omron

TENS Pain Management Made Easy

Getting older is a part of living, but as we age our bodies start to experience more chronic pain. From arthritis, an old sports injury, or general achy joints, it can be hard to be as mobile as we once were. We need some kind of pain relief to stay as mobile as possible.

That’s where Omron comes in. They have several products that can help ease the ache and pain of aging and help us stay healthy, no matter how old we get.

What is TENS?

TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and is used to relieve pain. It’s a small device with sticky pads that go directly on the skin. Using a mild electrical current, it delivers electrical impulses to the affected area. These electrical impulses are minor and feel like a tingling sensation. These can reduce pain signals and produce endorphins, making you feel better. TENS can be used for arthritis and knee pain, but also period pain.

Though many people use TENS for pain relief, there’s not currently enough research and scientific evidence to make the claim that TENS is a guaranteed method. TENS is also not a permanent solution. If you believe TENS might benefit you, you should speak to your GP about a referral.

What Can Omron Do for Me?

Omron cares about its customers and wants to ensure they get the most out of life. When it comes to relieving pain, they have a range of TENS units available. Their Pocket Pain Pro TENS unit is small and portable to go on the road with you, but is still strong enough to help ease your pain. For those who chill easily, Omron’s Total Power + Heat TENS Device provides soothing heat along with pain relief. For those who need a bit more power to their TENS pain relief there’s Omron’s Max Power Relief TENS Device, providing 2x more power than their other devices. If customers need more TENS pads, Omron has them covered as well.

All Omron devices are designed to be easy to use. They aim to help people feel better quickly and manage pain with their TENS products. They also have other products that monitor blood pressure and weight to help stay healthy.

How Else Can I Age Well?

As we age, muscles get smaller and bones get weaker, which results in pain. How do we mitigate this? According to Bupa, we can keep our bones and muscles strong with exercise. In addition to reducing pain, it helps us sleep better, manage stress, and reduces the chances of type 2 diabetes, depression, and falling.

If you’re new to exercise, it’s important to do it intelligently. Consulting a doctor can be a great first step. Seeking out a trainer can also help get you started. And exercise isn’t all about lifting weights or joining a marathon. Even just taking a walk outside or starting chair yoga could help. Every time you can get up and be active is a step in the right direction.

Omron TENS for Pain Management

Whatever’s caused your pain, TENS might make it a little less thanks to electrical impulses. These impulses could even make moving easier. It’s not a permanent solution, but it’s helped many people grow older with a bit less burden. If you’re thinking about getting a TENS device, you should consult your doctor and embrace your new life with less pain.