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All You Need to Know About Mobile Pixels | Petra Industries

Industry Trends
  • February 3 2023
  • Brittany Alfred
All You Need to Know About Mobile Pixels

Expand Your Customer’s Workspace with Ease

2023: the year your customers take their workspace to the next level. The question is, how? The answer is simple: Mobile Pixels.

They could buy multiple monitors for an expanded workstation, but monitors can be cost prohibitive, and they aren’t mobile if your customers are needing to work while traveling. That’s where Mobile Pixels steps in. Their screen monitors attach to existing monitors to give more screen space while also being easy to take on-the-go.

With multiple series of screens, as well as accessories to go with them, there’s going to be something for the tech hungry worker, forward thinking designer, or creative entrepreneur.

Mobile Pixels Screens

Laptops are convenient. Nowadays, they’re slim and portable, able to go to work or meetings, on the train, or a cafe with ease. The drawback is limited screen space to work in. If users need to see multiple windows at a time, they’re either forced to be small enough to all fit in the same screen, or the user is forced to switch back and forth between them.

Mobile Pixels saw this problem with portable workspaces and created a solution. Their screens attach to the laptop, expanding and improving the workable area. With the Duex Series, your customers can expand their laptop screens with one extra device, while the Trio Series allows for two extra screens. The Glance Series can stand next to your laptop without having to be attached.

The screens attach with magnets and won’t damage the laptop they’re attached to. All the screens are compatible with macOS, Windows, DeX, and Nintendo Switch while they’re also compatible with select Android smartphones. The screens connect via either a USB-A or USB-C connection.

Installing and using Mobile Pixels screens is easy and can improve productivity, no matter what the customer is using them for.


Mobile Pixels also has plenty of accessories to go with their screens. Whether it’s an origami kickstand, a foldable keyboard, or portable mouse, their products are designed to make working easier.

Their privacy screen filters make sure that whatever the user is looking at or working on stays safe from prying eyes, important when they’re in an unsecure location such as an airport or café. Their privacy filters come in three sizes.

They also have both 5-in-1 and 8-in-1 USB-C Dongles, ideal for when users need to connect multiple devices to their laptop. There’s also USB-C to HDMI connectors and USB adapters.

If users are going to be making web calls, they’ll need a Web Camera with a microphone. To keep everything together, there’s a Sleeve Case to make transporting equipment easier.

With so many accessories, there’s something for every need a customer might have.


When your customers are working, either for business or pleasure, they’ll need a wide screen space which isn’t something a laptop has on its own. Thanks to Mobile Pixels, the solution is only a magnetic connection away. It’s a much cheaper and easier fix than having to buy another monitor.

If you’re looking for quality screens, check out Mobile Pixels listing on Petra’s website and be sure to check out the rest of Petra’s products as well.