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Holiday Gatherings: Cooking and Entertaining

Industry Trends
  • October 13 2023
  • Brittany Alfred
Cooking and Entertaining during the holidays

De-stress Holiday Cooking and Entertaining

Holiday gatherings are just around the corner and for many, this is a time for get togethers with family and friends around the table or TV in a time of joy. For others, this may be a stressful time, whether that’s thanks to being unorganized or maybe family tension. If customers are without the essentials to make cooking and entertaining easy, that stress can multiply. To help make entertaining easier, we have the products to keep everyone happy.

Small Kitchen Cooking

One of the best parts of holiday gatherings is the food. No matter what, food and cooking bring people together to make great memories. But for those with smaller kitchens or limited tools, it can be a headache trying to make everything at once. Smaller kitchens force you to consider what tools you want and how to organize everything to maximum efficiency. Thankfully our kitchen category has both cooking essentials and high-end appliances to make time in the kitchen a bit easier.

For the new chef without much kitchen equipment THE ROCK by Starfrit has you covered with their 12-Piece Space Saving Cookware Set with T-Lock detachable handles. NutriChef has both 14-piece and 20-piece sets. With a full cookware set, your customers will be able to get everything they need in the kitchen at once.

If your customers are already prepared with their cookware, but need a bit more space to cook, an extra set of burners may be just what they need to feed a crowd. Brentwood Select has Double Infrared Electric Countertop Burners so that small kitchens can still cook the food needed. They’re safe and convenient as well. The food has been cooked, everyone has arrived, but then what? With a handy Buffet Server and Warming Tray it’ll be easy to ensure everyone gets to eat warm food instead of letting it cool over time. Get more than one and create a serving line. Some like a nice Chianti with dinner, so a nice Wine Cellar can be a great idea. It’s small enough to fit in most homes, but big enough to fit a good amount of wine bottles for your customer’s gathering.

Easy, Exciting Entertainment

While cooking is important for holiday gatherings, it’s not the only thing. Entertaining is also key and can mean different things to different groups of people. For some, watching the game on the TV is all they need, while others want to play games, bake cookies, or go outside. No matter what your customers call entertaining, there’s a product to help them.

Ensuring your customers have the right size TV is important. If the TV is too small, not everyone will be able to see all the action happening on the screen. Fortunately, we have a variety of sizes. 32-In., 43-In., or even 50-In. TVs for your living room, outdoor patio, or even garage space allow multiple shows to be viewed at the same time. And thanks to smart technology, these TVs have the apps and picture quality your customers are looking for. To go with your customers new TV, they’ll probably want to make the movie or show the group is watching an experience. That’s where sound bars come in. Both Proscan’s 37-In. Bluetooth Sound Bar and iLive’s 29-In. Sound Bar with Bluetooth will make sure everyone can hear what’s happening on the TV or fill a room with whatever music your customers like.

For those who prefer gaming, there’s both indoor and outdoor gaming options. Indoor gaming can include many different My Arcade gaming systems like their Micro Players, their Micro Retro Pocket Players, or their GameStation Wireless Plug and Play Game Console. For PlayStation 5 or Xbox X/S players, Nyko has Elite Master Packs to enhance the console gaming experience. Outdoor gaming has the added benefit of being good exercise. Odyssey has a Hovering Soccer Ball Set that’s great for either low-pile carpet or low-cut grass. Friends and family will be able to run around outside playing a game while dinner is cooking and pack it all inside in seconds when done. Hover-1 has a number of refurbished Scooters and Hoverboards, as well as Go-Kart Attachments for some more moving fun.

Gathering for the Holidays

Holiday gatherings don’t have to be a source of stress. This time of the year has enough stress as it is. With just a few products and a little planning, cooking and entertaining larger groups of people can be a snap, letting your customers spend more time with loved ones.