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Highlights of the CES 2024 Consumer Electronics Show

Industry Trends
  • January 18 2024
  • Kathy Anderson
Highlights of the CES 2024 Consumer Electronics Show

The Future was “ALL ON” display in Las Vegas

CES 2024 was BIG. Just how big?

  • Over 3,500 manufacturers
  • 41 product categories
  • About 130,000 attendees
  • 2.4 million sq. ft. of exhibit space

CTA® (Consumer Technology Association), the owner and producer of CES, explains the show’s importance in the grand scheme of things:

“CES is the only trade show that showcases the entire tech landscape at one event.

“This is where brands get business done, meet new partners and where the industry’s sharpest minds take the stage to unveil their latest releases and boldest breakthroughs.”

The three technologies that generated the most buzz at CES 2024 were:

  • AI
  • Transparent screens
  • Off-grid power technology

Of the three, AI was the most prevalent, finding its way into an amazing variety of products. The term “smart,” which once seemed to promise so much, now seems passé unless it has AI in front of it.

Petra on the Floor

Petra, of course, was right there in the middle of the excitement. Our team of eight executives hit the ground running to cover as much as possible.

Gerald Cruz, Director of Business Development, sums up the team’s efforts:

“The atmosphere at CES was nothing short of electric, signaling a powerful resurgence of business opportunities in 2024 and it’s evident that the industry is making a triumphant return to the spotlight. Over three days our team met with over 50 new emerging technology vendor partners discussing runways for mutual business. The impact our dedicated team had on exploring new vendor opportunities was truly remarkable. To name a few – EKSAtelecom headsets, Tanoshi kids computers, Mojawa headphones, Blacklyte gaming, Enabot family robot, NEX Playground, and Aqara smart home.

“Equally important was our commitment to support our existing vendor community. Strengthening these relationships is fundamental to our success, and CES 2024 allowed us to reaffirm our dedication to the growth and prosperity of our valued partners. We had the privilege of meeting with partners such as Garmin, MP Mobile Pixels, Lorex, Uniden, RCA VOXX, torras, and many more.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the strides we made at CES. The momentum generated at the show will undoubtedly propel Petra Industries to new heights in 2024 and beyond.”

Petra is also proud to applaud our brand partners XGIMI and Garmin. They were CES Innovation Awards 2024 Honorees.

What Caught Our Eye

With thousands and thousands of products and concepts on display, it’s hard to be selective, but we did our best. Sadly, some categories like Drones, Headphones, PCs & Accessories, Robot Vacuums, Refrigerators, and Washers and Dryers were omitted for space.

There are also links to Media “Best of” picks, where applicable. These cover a broader spectrum of products, including those which were not singled out by us for mention.

So, let’s check out what was buzzworthy at CES. For convenience, categories are in alphabetical order.


  • Xreal Air 2 Ultra AR glasses. A spatial competitor with Apple Vision Pro and Meta Quest 3, the Air 2 Ultra sunglasses have two 3D cameras for positional tracking. Wearers can even use their hands to interact with virtual elements. Right now, they are for developers only; an AR app needs to be built before a public debut.
  • ASUS AirVision M1. This is not really for interactive use but more for AR spatial computing for developer partners and screen mirroring. Some may find it’s more like an easy way to have extra screen space.
  • Sony XR head-mounted display and controllers. This too is for 3D content creators. As of yet, it doesn’t have a name, but has a tentative release date later in the year.

Media roundup:

Automotive & Flying Machines

  • HL Mando Parkie. Self-driving autonomous mobile parking robots can result in a parking lot capacity increase up to 30%.
  • Kodiak Robotics. Big rigs, military platforms, and pickup trucks can use this tech. The company should launch a driverless truck route between Dallas and Houston this year.
  • Squad Mobility’s Solar City microcar. This solar-powered EV is for daily urban or suburban use.
  • Pebble Life Pebble Flow RV. This is an all-electric RV with integrated solar charging. An extra battery pack can turn it into a self-propelled RV. It is even remote controllable via app!
  • Helix Pivotal eVTOL. This is a concept ultralight single seater. It is ideal for experienced pilots as well as newcomers.
  • Hyundai Supernol S-A2. The projected service date for the 4-seater air taxi is 2028.

Bathrooms & Beauty Products

Elder Care, Assistive Living, and Accessibility Products

  • Intuition Robotics ElliQ. AI projects empathy to encourage engagement, trust, and collaboration for healthier and happier aging.
  • Zoe Care fall detection. This uses airwaves, motion detection, and WiFi to assess movement, detect falls, and alert caregivers.
  • Lotus Ring. The built-in point-and-click interface uses infrared light and magnetic switch covers to control lights, fans, and other on/off devices.
  • Whispp electronic larynx. AI plus app converts whispers and impaired speech into a clear and natural voice.
  • Augmental MouthPad. Placed in the mouth, it senses head movement and captures subtle tongue movements to control Bluetooth-enabled devices. Bone conduction provides immediate feedback.
  • GyroGear GyroGlove. This hand stabilizer uses advanced gyroscopic stabilization to combat hand tremors.

Media roundup:


  • Razer Haptic Gaming Cushion. Called Project Esther, the concept cushion has 16 actuators throughout the back and bottom. It converts audio signals into haptic ones.
  • Aromajoin Aroma Shooter Neckband. This concept wearable can carry six replaceable scent cartridges to bring added realism to games. They are triggered via Bluetooth, WiFi, or USB. The larger Aroma Speaker 60 can handle up to 60 scents and would be used for retailers, movie theaters, and VR arcades.
  • AirDrop Gaming Audio Radar. This helps gamers with hearing loss see sound effects and their directionality.
  • Samsung 2D/3D Gaming Display. See games in 3D without any special glasses. This 4K prototype uses AI visual recognition and adjusts the screen in real time to match a user’s view and provide a full 3D effect. It can also operate in traditional 2D mode.

Health, Fitness, and Wellness

  • Garmin HRM-Fit. Made for women, this heart rate monitor clips along the bottom of medium and high-support sport bras. It transmits real time data to compatible devices and apps.
  • NuraLogix Anura MagicMirror. This is a first-of-its-kind tabletop smart mirror that analyzes facial blood flow information to accurately calculate a host of vital signs and disease risk assessments. The company’s Cloud-based Affective Ai platform, DeepAffex powers it.
  • Withings BeamO. The multiscope provides a complete home health checkup in a minute. It measures temperature, blood oxygen levels, ECG, and can also be used as a stethoscope to listen to the heart and lungs. It is pending FDA clearance.
  • DeRUCCI Smart Anti-Snoring Pillow. It uses AI to monitor movement that indicates snoring. It will then adjust the pillow’s loft and move the sleeper’s head.
  • Owlet Dream Sock. It is the first-of-its-kind FDA-cleared smart baby monitor offering Live Health Readings and Health Notifications for use with healthy infants between 1 and 18 months, 6 to 30 lbs. It works with an app and can be paired with the Owlet Cam 2.
  • HyperShell ProX. The exoskeleton is for outdoor adventurers and runners. An AI-based motion engine provides an e-assist to the legs.

Home Entertainment

  • Victrola Stream Sapphire Turntable. This is a premium turntable that can connect to Sonos streaming systems plus supports universal plug and play.
  • Celestron Origin Telescope. Billed as the world’s first intelligent home observatory, it features an onboard camera sensor and AI-powered image processing to bring objects from deep space to a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV/projector in stunning color and detail. Origin’s all-in-one intelligent functionality autonomously manages tasks like sky alignment, focusing, tracking, object identification, and location.
  • Audio Pro C20 Active Stereo Speaker. This Swedish-designed all-in-one speaker can plug straight into a turntable. It also features AirPlay 2, Google Cast, Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, HDMI ARC input for TV listening, and multi-room capability. Inside are two 30-watt and one 130-watt amps, dual 1-in. tweeters, and a 6.5-in. woofer.
  • LG Labs’ DukeBox. It is an innovative audio product that combines the charm of vacuum tube audio with cutting-edge transparent OLED panel technology. With front-facing speakers at the bottom and a 360° speaker at the top, it offers an immersive audio experience. The OLED display can be adjusted to show things like flickering flames and even movies.
  • Samsung HW-LS60D Music Frame. The center is empty so you can add your own image, but all around it’s packed with plenty of tech. It’s an IoT hub and a Bluetooth or WiFi speaker. It can also be paired with Samsung TVs and sound bars for use as a TV speaker, surround speaker, or a subwoofer. This is not yet available for sale.

Media roundup:

Kitchen, Cooking, and Grilling

  • ColdSnap Countertop Ice Cream Maker. Using single-serve aluminum pods, you can enjoy ice cream, shakes, smoothies, cocktails, and more in under 2 minutes. No mixing bowls or tubs to clean as it dispenses directly into your own serving cup.
  • SEERGRILLS’ Perfecta Propane Grill. Promoted as the world’s first AI-powered grill, it can perfectly dual-side-cook meat to your specification of doneness and sear level. Whether it’s a ribeye steak or a pizza, it can cook them in 3 minutes or less. Use it indoors or outside.
  • GE Profile Smart Smoker BBQ. GE brings you the world’s first indoor electric smoker with Active Smoke Filtration. Engineered for smoking your favorite meats and more from the comfort of your kitchen, this innovative appliance also features preset smoking functions so anyone can smoke food like a pitmaster. Food receives a delicious wood-smoked flavor while its Active Smoke Filtration turns smoke into warm air.
  • Willtex WILLCOOK Backpack Oven. Called a lightweight and portable microwave bag, it uses a small 5-volt battery to cause the special patented EXFIBERS cloth to generate heat. When not heated, the insulation also provides a way to keep cool beverages cool for 2 to 3 hours.
  • Revolution Cooking Macrowave Smart Oven. This is a combo air fryer, microwave, convection oven, broiler, pizza oven, toaster oven, and more. Using InstaGLO heating technology with special alloys and AI algorithms, it is an all-in-one countertop cooking appliance that wants to revolutionize home cooking.

Media roundup:

Personal Transportation

  • Horwin America SENMENTI Electric Motorcycle Series. The company’s 0, X Hyper GT, and 11 are each designed for a different market. The 0 is an urban adventure vehicle with a lightweight body, precise handling, and a range up to 186 miles. The X Hyper GT is a performance touring motorcycle with a top speed of 125 mph and a range up to 250 miles. And the 11 is a futuristic high-performance bike for thrill seekers and adventurers.
  • SKWheel Electric Skis. Now every day can be a ski day, no snow required! Designed for high-end urban skiing, it can also be used on off-road paths. Top speed is 49 MPH, but is factory limited to 15 MPH for urban settings. Battery life provides up to 18 miles of adventure.
  • Land District Street. This EV can be used as an eBike, eMoped, eMotorcycle, or a Performance eMotorcycle, thanks to its 4 Ride Modes that lock in speeds. Various sizes of swappable battery packs increase range.

Pet Tech

  • Flappie Intelligent Cat Flap. AI detects via camera if a cat is trying to enter with an unwanted gift like a mouse, bird, etc. If that happens, the flap immediately closes, preventing entrance. An app sends notifications as well as takes videos and stills.
  • Invoxia Minitailz AI Smart Device. This collar not only tracks heart and breathing rate at rest, activity, behavior, and location on dogs but can also spot AFIB. The included ring can clip onto any type of strap.
  • Ilume Dog Wellbeing Smart Suite. The collar tracks activity level and sleep while the smart bowl lets you know when the right amount of food has been added. The included home hub acts as a WiFi bridge for the bowl and tracker. An app stores data so you can best understand their needs.
  • Zoo Gears Musical Keypad and Food Feeder. It is the world’s first smart music instrument and educational kit ever made for dogs. It’s best seen rather than explained!
  • ChefPaw Appliance. It helps you cook and prepare up to 6 pounds of dog food at a time in just 40 minutes. Add fresh ingredients (app contains recipes or helps you make your own) and let it mix and cook everything at lower temperatures, which helps retain nutrients. It can also roughly chop the food or blend it into a smooth consistency.

Media roundup:

Portable Power, Whole-Home Power, and Solar Energy

  • Anker SOLIX series of portable power stations. Ranging in size for the F3800 whole home system to the C800 Plus portable power station for camping, the SOLIX series is ready to provide power where there is none.
  • Bluetti AC180 Solar Portable Power Station. This is a grab-n-go power station that can be charged very quickly. An app makes it easy to control and monitor battery life.
  • EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra. This whole home battery backup system is scalable to provide up to one month of power. It can be charged from solar panels, the grid, or even a gas-powered generator. It is stackable to easily expand its capability.
  • inQs Transparent Solar Technology. Solar panels no longer need to be black or bulky!
  • Panasonic Perovskite Solar Cells. Perovskite is not silicon based and can be printed onto walls and windows. This is still under development.

Media roundup:


  • LG smart home AI agent. Although it doesn’t have a name that rolls off the tongue, this boasts robotic, AI, and multi-modal technologies. These enable it to move, learn, comprehend, and engage in complex conversations. An all-around home manager and companion rolled into one, it enhances users’ daily lives and showcases LG’s commitment to realizing its “Zero Labor Home” vision.
  • Samsung’s Ballie. This yellow, bowling ball-sized rolling AI home companion robot can act like a personal home assistant, autonomously driving around the home to complete various tasks. It can even project videos on the wall or floor, play music, send video updates of pets or loved ones, and answer phone calls.
  • KEYi Technology’s Loona Smart Robot. This companion/pet robot uses ChatGPT for natural conversation. It recognizes gestures and voice commands and navigates via a 3D-ToF camera. Various bundles are available.

Smart Home, Smart Security, and Smart Personal Assistants

  • Nanoleaf Exterior Lights with Orchestrator app. Known for its modular RGB light panels, the company has expanded into outdoor lighting. The app syncs those lights with your favorite music streaming app.
  • Cappella Baby Translator. This subscription-based app uses AI and machine learning to translate a baby’s cries. It can also track sleep, feedings, and diaper changes. Translation accuracy is supposed to be about 95%.
  • Maxi-Cosi See Pro 360° Baby Monitor. CryAssist technology uses AI to translate cries, so you’ll know if baby is sleepy, fussy, gassy, agitated, or hungry. It can also play soothing sounds and monitor temperature and humidity. The parent display works with or without WiFi.
  • Lockly Visage Smart Lock. Facial recognition technology unlocks a door upon approach. Integrated WiFi can also work with Apple Home Keys or an Apple Watch. It also can integrate with smart home devices that are Matter compatible. It comes with the PIN Genie keypad, 3D biometric fingerprint technology, convenient Scan-to-Open, Air Transfer technology, and real-time alerts. The free app is fully optimized for LocklyOS for a smoother, more intuitive user experience.
  • Abode Edge Camera. This WiFi security camera has a wireless range up to 1.5 miles, allowing it to be pointed back at a dwelling instead of facing outward. Intelligent AI detects motion, people, and vehicles. Object detection distinguishes between pets, packages, and people. It also recognizes faces. A subscription allows access to the AI part of the camera and stores up to 10 days of footage.
  • rabbit r1. The orange personal assistant with a throwback design and push-to-talk button is pocket-sized. Called a personalized operating system through a natural language interface, it can be trained to perform certain tasks, using apps on your behalf. This does not pair with a smartphone and is in the pre-order phase.

Media roundup:

Smartphone Accessories

  • Belkin Auto Tracking Stand Pro with DockKit. Designed for iPhones 12 and above that use iOS 17, the stand follows face and body movements with 360° rotation and 90° tilt. Motors are smooth and quiet. Battery life is up to 5 hours.
  • Clicks Technology Clicks Keyboard. Designed for iPhone 14 Pro or 15 Pro and Pro Max, the wraparound case adds a keyboard with actual buttons. Keys are backlit for use at night, and it uses the phone’s own battery for power.
  • Vaonis Hestia Smartphone Telescope. Place Hestia on its tripod, align your smartphone’s main camera on Hestia’s ocular, point what you want to see, and then use the app to unlock a world of exploration. 25x magnification and built-in solar filter even lets you watch sunspots and eclipses. It is purely optical in design, so no batteries required.

TVs, Projectors, and Smartphones

  • LG OLED T TV. A transparent TV screen? Yep. It uses transparent OLED screen technology that can show images like a school of fish, stars, animated figures, and more. A black mechanized film rolls up behind the screen for movies, etc. It also uses wireless transmission technology so only a power cord runs to the device. A separate box for plug-ins can sit up to 30 feet away.
  • Samsung Transparent MICRO LED displays. The frameless concept screens are quite thin, providing the illusion of a floating screen. Images shown had an almost holographic feel.
  • C-Seed N1 Folding TV. One of two in existence, the N1’s five micro-LED panels fold out to create a huge 137-in. TV. It folds back together and drops down into a compact rectangle when not in use. Adaptive Gap Calibration ensures the eye doesn’t see any seams between the unfolded panels.
  • XGIMI HORIZON Max Long-Throw Projector. It is the world’s first long throw smart projector for the home that is IMAX Enhanced certified, bringing IMAX’s picture and signature sound via DTS:X. It also features Dolby Vision for picture/image performance and ISA 5.0 (Intelligent Screen Adaption) to automatically locate the best projection positioning on the wall. It will even remember settings for specific walls.
  • Samsung FlexIn&Out Flip. This foldable concept phone lets you fold it 360°. This means a single display can be folded outwards so both sides can be used even when folded.
  • MMGuardian Kid-Safe Smartphone with AI. The company has partnered with Samsung to create MMGuardian phones. These use the company’s own parental control software already built in.

Media roundup:

Oddities & Other Show Links

Every CES show has products that defy explanation. Almost all media reviewers were put off by WeHead’s GPT Edition. There are four screens mounted to a base that can nod and tilt. This allows you to put a literal face on a chatbot while you have a conversation. It can be used as a caregiver, educator, AI companion, or even as a digital clone of a celebrity or someone you love. It can be purchased or rented.

Media outlets covering the event put together a number of “Best” and “Weirdest” lists. Many of these include products we were unable to include. So, follow the links below and enjoy!

Post CES 2024

The excitement surrounding the CES tech show must now give way to the real world of selling. Petra is already on the job, and we can’t wait to introduce new lines of products to our resellers.

In the case of Garmin, the epix™ Pro GPS smartwatch series, a CES 2024 Honoree, and the Venu® 3 GPS smartwatch series, a CES 2024 Best of Innovation Honoree, are already available right on Petra’s website. No waiting required!

As the rest of 2024 unfolds, we look forward to onboarding the latest products from our current partners, as well as those from our new brand partners we met at CES 2024.

Not yet a Petra customer? Start here.