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Creating a Video Gamer Paradise

Industry Trends
  • May 31 2023
  • Brittany Alfred
Creating a Video Gamer Paradise

Leveling Up a Gaming Setup

For the video gamer, setting up the ideal gaming area is an endeavor that’s never fully finished. There’s always one more thing to add, one more gadget to improve their setup. When your customers are starting out, the basics are fine, but what about when they’ve gotten all the basics?

That’s when we step in and help them level up. From chairs to headphones and keyboards to gaming mice,  we have what gamers need, whether they’re starting out or refining what they already have.

Around You

The first thing your video gamer will want to do is figure out what they want next to and underneath them. A comfortable chair is ideal for long gaming sessions. If their setup is a bit more laid back then the SYLVANIA Rocker Gaming Chair might be ideal. It’s a lower sitting chair, but it’s comfortable and comes with built-in speakers, Bluetooth, and a gaming headset for when they don’t want to bother those around them.

If your gamer wants something that sits up higher, Urban Factory’s ERGO Office Chair or Simple Office Chair can do the trick. The bonus of these two chairs is that you can game in them or do work at a desk as needed.

While these chairs are all good for gaming, long sessions may leave a body sore. That’s where cushions come in. Specially designed to fit the tailbone, Wagan Tech’s RelaxFusion Cushion and HealthMate’s ComfyGel Cushion let users stay comfortable while gaming. And Wagan Tech’s Massage Magnetic Cushion turns any chair into a massage chair.

While what your gamer sits in is important, what they keep around them is equally important. They’ll need a place to put their TV and gaming accessories—enter the Atlantic 32-In. Gaming Hub. It can hold TVs up to 32 inches as well as 3 gaming consoles, controllers, and games. And Atlantic’s 3-Tier Cart System can hold games as well as snacks or whatever accessories your gamer needs.

In Front of You

Other than a console, the most important part of gaming is the TV or Monitor to see the game! With a variety of size options, there’s something for everyone’s needs.

For those with smaller spaces, like loft or studio apartments or RVs, Supersonic has a 21.5-In. LED TV as well as a 24-In. LED TV. You’ll still be able to game till your heart’s content but won’t have to worry about taking up all the available space.

If your customers have a bit more space to work with, larger TVs provide a bigger space to game. From Supersonic’s 32-In. Widescreen LED HDTV to RCA’s 50-In. Roku Smart LED TV and SANSUI’s 50-In. Android Smart LED TV your gamer just needs to decide how big they want to go. The sky and their gaming room space is the limit.

The Sound You Hear

While a gaming console and monitor to play on are key to creating a gaming paradise and a comfortable chair lets gamers play for hours, having good sound makes gaming that much more enjoyable. Between headphones and speakers, gamers have a plethora of choices.

If your video gamer lives with others or has thin walls, headphones are a must. They allow for deeper immersion without bothering those around them. We have a blog all about the best features for headphones, so be sure to check it out. One of the important features to consider for gaming headphones specifically is comfort. Gamers want headphones they can wear for hours without hurting their ears or giving them a headache.

Headphones like the IQ Sound Gaming Headphones are ideal thanks to their stereo capabilities and foam head pad and earcups as well as the adjustability. Check out the full range of Petra’s gaming headphones to see the variety that they come in.

If your gamer has a bit more flexibility with their sound system, they might want to invest in speakers. Edifier provides both 10-Watt Gaming Speakers and 32-Watt Stereo Speakers to maximize gameplay. If your gamer is looking for something a bit bigger, there’s Edifier’s 34-Watt Audio Speakers with a 16-Watt Subwoofer. The speakers are stylish and provide great sound and they’re magnetically shielded so they can be used near computers if that’s the way the gaming system is set up.

Computer Gaming

What if your video gamer prefers PC gaming and not consoles? No worries, Petra has computer gaming accessories as well. MAD CATZ is well known for their gaming accessories. Their mice offer great performance and adaptability while their mousepads use precision-enhancing fabric. Adesso’s iMouse let’s your customers utilize an ambidextrous design with 7 different buttons as well as RGB illuminations. Gaming mice are an essential part of any PC gamer’s equipment.

For those wanting to get an even better deal, Proscan and Supersonic provide gaming kits. Your customers will be able to get light up gaming equipment all at once, rather than buying everything individually. Both kits come with a keyboard, mouse, mousepad, and headset.


Your gamer has the chair. They have the tv or computer equipment. And they have found the sound solution that works for them. Now they need something to make their space really pop. That’s where LED light strips come into play. Easy to set up and program, they make any space fun and unique. Put them on the back of the TV or around the TV stand to provide ambient light or on the wall to provide a soft glow. They can even be programmed to different colors to match individual styles. From 6.5 Ft. to 16.4 Ft. gamers can customize all they want.


While creating a gaming station is an ongoing project, these are some great products to add to any setup, new or already in progress. If you’d like to see these and more products, be sure to check out